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We are revolutionizing your all time favorite books, magazines and newspapers. Beyond eBooks. Towards SpiralPages.

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Spiral Page

Spiral Page Features

User Management

User Creation, Role, Permission management.

Interactive Publications

Create your digital interactive publications.

Distribution and Branding

Spread your publications throughout world.


Advanced analytics for all your publication to impress your advertiser.

Digital Content Management

Management of Digital Content at User level

Marketing and Lead Management

Managing Leads and Subscribers


Dashboard to analyse overall details.

Profit Making

Sell your publications in digital format & Make profit through Ads.

What we give...

It gives administrators control over the creation, Distribution, Marketing, Branding and Management of digital interactive publications in various forms such as Books, Magazine, Newspaper etc.
It allow readers to have superior guest experience, enhanced and higher engagement. Whether you are browsing the content from a mobile device, tablet or the desktop – your experience will be seamless throughout.
  • The analytics at Spiral Page tells you at an atomic level about who spends how much time at your content.
  • With this, you can develop personalized and targeted advertisements to get the cash register ringing.
  • Spread your publications throughout the world on various social platforms.
  • Available across all platforms.
  • With Branding option ensure your audience engages with your content. No more ads around your content.

Have You Experienced Awesomeness Simplicity of Spiral Page...

We have burnt mid-night oil in combining digitalization of the magazines, books and newspapers which you love with analytics. As a result, readers will be able to soak themselves in the content they wish to read and advertisers will be able to target their products in a personalized manner rather than a one-size-fits-all method! We have state-of-the-art analytics system continuously working extremely hard and intelligently to provide game-changing data to continuously accentuate the guest experience.